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Supporting families to re-build 

relationships one step at a time.


Protego Contact Services endeavour to support children who are adapting to situations where their parents have separated or changes have been made to contact arrangements within their family. Our focus is always on the emotional wellbeing and safety of each child. 

We work impartially and without judgement to protect the child from exposure to proceedings that are taking place. This is achieved by monitoring conversations and observing rapport.

We aim to promote positive relationships between parents in order to build trust between all parties, so that healthy and rewarding contact sessions can take place.

The staff who are employed by Protego Services are DBS checked and hold up-to-date training on child protection and health and safety. 

Our staff have worked within children and family services for many years, working in family support, education and contact supervision. 

Our staff are highly experienced in ensuring that the children we work with are safe and protected at all times and are able to manage the various needs of our clients. These can include complex situations which require our staff to assert themselves and think on their feet. 

We feel that this is all made possible by the positive, professional relationships we are able to build with our clients. 

"The well-being and welfare of children should always be our focus"​   - Thich Nhat Hanh

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Mother and a Child


This service is provided when it has been determined or is questioned that a child has suffered or is at risk of suffering from significant harm during contact. A qualified worker supervises the contact sessions between the parent and child/ren at all times. Report included.

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This involves the child and non-resident parent being accompanied on visits to places such as local parks, shops and cafes. 

Brief summary included.


This is suitable for families where no significant risk to the child has been identified. Workers are available for assistance but there is no close observation or monitoring.

Does not include a report.

Quality Time


This involves the use of a video chat App (Zoom, Skype, Teams or WhatsApp) The session is facilitated by a supervisor, the parent having contact and the child/ren. The type of contact can be for supervised, supported contacts and handovers.

Report included.

Take Video
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Parents do not have to meet as the handover will be done by our staff. The parent who does not live with the child will take the child out for the duration of the visit, bringing them back to a designated place at the scheduled time.

Does not include report.


When a service isn't provided by us, we will source this requirement for you e.g. assessments, family support and room hire.

Child Counselor


The referral and risk assessment form is for parents, solicitors, CAFCASS or other professionals. We would expect to hear from you once contact has been agreed by all parties in your initial court hearing. 

We have prepared a referral form, which you will need to complete and submit to us. We will then review this information and get in contact with you to make a contact plan. This will cover duration, frequency and outline expectations of contact, both from the family and the supervisor.

Please fill out the enquiry form below and a member of our team will get back to you. 

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Giving you a service to uniquely support your needs. We would initially meet to understand your situation before building a care plan.



Thanks for submitting!



T: 020 3441 4644

​COVID 19 - We keep to national guidelines and will always ensure that we wear masks and wash our hands when necessary. Our supervisors are deemed an extension of your household so contact can continue through these unprecedented times.

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